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Manufacturing facility :

bulletArea : 21500 sq. mtrs

Warehousing :

bulletArea : 5000 sq. mtrs (Located within 20 Kms from the Sea Port)

Plant & Machinery :

bulletFor Ductile Iron Foundry :
bullet2 Nos. M/F Induction Furnace
bulletMoulding by Simultaneous Jolt & Squeeze Moulding Machine
bulletMechanized Sand Plant & Electric Core Oven
bulletHeat Treatment by Thermostatically controlled Electrical Annealing Furnace
bulletGrinding stations
bulletIn house pattern shop using Wooden, Resin, Metal base
bulletIn-house chemical & physical laboratory with UTS, Macro & BHN
bulletA dedicated machine shop on the factory premises
bulletPaint booth & galvanizing facilities for finishing of castings
bulletDigital Microscope with Computerized Image Analysis facility
bulletFor Steel Flanges and custom Fabrications :
bulletLathe machines :
bulletRadial, Pillar & Pilot Drills :
bulletHydraulic Press :
bulletPower Press :
bulletSearing & Cutting Machines :
bulletMIG and Stic Welding machines :
bulletPressure testing apparatus
bulletCNC Machining capability
bulletCAD support
bulletPlasma Cutting Machines





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