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       "Quality is no-longer a mere marketing tool...its a tool for cost reduction, a tool for  ensuring sustained sum quality control is the central nervous system of our organization"

An ISO 9001 Company

                The steady growth in demand of our products is a parameter to gauge the quality standards that we set with our products. For every product, we have a formal quality assurance plan to ensure early identification of defective products to reduce costs.


                    Importance is laid equally on the mechanical and chemical properties of the products. Apart from dimensional accuracy, we emphasize on the excellent cosmetic look of our products. In house chemical and physical test laboratories with Microscope, UTS, BHN etc exists.


                        The company arranges for third party inspection of goods prior to dispatch. It also furnishes an in-house quality certification of its goods and assumes full responsibility of its products for any subsequent damages/claims. We encourage our customers for any joint efforts for certifications like UL/FM, Kite certification & other product enlistments.



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