Whirpool Bathtubs


The therapeutic benefits of a massage are well published in health journals...With Fontaine's range of massage bathtubs, get added benefits of listening to FM radio or watching TV while you take a luxurious Foam Bath in your own bathroom....

All the above at a price that shall keep you away from health spas and neighborhood gyms !


Double Seater Bathtub with Radio & TV - Model # 631

  •  Features
    • 1. 5HP Whirlpool Pump
    • 1-0. 25HP Air Pump
    • Air Bubbles Jets
    • Ozone Generator
    • Back Jets
    • Big Jets
    • Small Jets
    • Electricity Leakage Protector
    • Computer Control Panel With FM Radio
    • TV screen
    • Handheld Shower
    • Thermostatic Faucet
    • Waterfall Intake
    • Underwater Lights
    • Pillows
    • Water Heater
    • Thermostatic option