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      Custom Steel Fabrications :

bulletCarbon & Stainless Steel Flanges

bulletSteel Pipe Fittings & other custom machined products
bulletCNC Machining components


     Ductile Iron Castings :

bullet SGCI Inserts/Shoulders for Railway Track Fittings
bullet MJ Fittings and Glands
bullet Manhole Covers and gratings
bullet Sanitary, Ornamental and automobile castings developed as per drawings

  Ferro Alloys :

bullet Ferro Silicon
bullet Ferro Silicon Magnesium
bullet HC & LC Ferro Chrome
bullet Ferro Manganese
bullet Silico Manganese

  Rubber :

bullet Gaskets, O Rings, extrusions and customised moulded products
bullet Material : EPDM, SBR, Natural & Silicon Rubber
bullet Applications in : Medical, Engineering, Electrical industries

  Other products :

bullet Gray Iron Castings
bullet Stainless Steel Castings
bullet Investment & Precision Castings
bullet Aluminium Castings
bullet Steel Plates, Discs, L Hooks, Angels
bullet Pig Iron
bullet Automobile parts including Headlights, HID, Stickers etc
bullet Pressure Pumps

  Home and Hotel Solutions :

bullet Sanitary and Luxury Bath Fittings ( visit www.pashupatiispat.com/fontaine )
bullet Hotel & Home Furniture ( visit www.pashupatiispat.com/furniture )

  Fabric Merchandising :

bullet T-Shirts, Caps and Branding Solutions (Visit www.pashupatiispat.com/Smasha )





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